Subway Surfers Guide and Tricks

Subway Surfers is a very entertaining game where you get to engage in an endless running adventure with the inspector and his dog regularly on your trail. Running in an attempt to escape from the inspector and his dog is not the only goal in the game. While running, you are also expected to grab as many coins and keys that are strategically placed in your path. In addition to these, you are also supposed to be always alert to know whether to serve to the right or left in order not to be crushed by the oncoming trains and other bumps on the road. The experience that comes from playing this game is usually very exciting and fulfilling, but unfortunately, not everybody can say that!

subway surfers tricks

A lot of people are having a negative experience with this same game that others are boasting of. The big question here is what is the deciding factors in the differences experience by different players of the same game? Well, that and much more are some of the issues that this article will address. It is our sincere aspiration that at the end of perusing this article, you will be better guided on how to get the best experience from playing subway surfers either on your windows, android or iOS devices.

How to Get the Best from Subway Surfers Game

Use Powerful Device: one of the deciding factors on whether or not your gaming experience will fun and exciting or full of regrets and disgust is the type of device you use in playing the game. For those that invest in powerful gaming devices, there is no doubt that they will have a really good experience with the game and vice versa. The key is to pay a little more attention to the type of device you buy for the sole purpose of gaming. Make sure that you do not get any device having a RAM size below 2 GB. Since subway way is a very high graphic game, it thus requires a device with a minimum of 2 GB RAM to run smoothly without any lag or hitch.

Apart from the RAM size, another important factor that is worth considering when buying phones solely for gaming is the processor. The processor determines the speed that each action in a game are processed. The bigger the processor, the faster your gaming experience will be and the smaller the processor, the slower the processing speed of your phone will be. So, to ensure that you don’t suffer from game lagging which can result in repeated losing, it is pertinent that you choose a device with a minimum of 1.5 GHZ processing speed.

Moving away from the battery, another factor that constitutes a powerful phone is the battery capacity of the phone. Choose a phone that has a minimum of 3400 amps battery rating so that you will enjoy longer gaming experience without having to always off the phone while still playing. Also, to help prolong the battery lifespan of your phone, ensure that you don’t charge it regularly whenever you see electricity socket nearby. The battery level should at least drop to 15% before you should consider plugging it into an electric outlet to charge.

Subway Surfer Hacks

Another major determinant on how well you will enjoy your game of subway is whether or not it is hacked. Hacking your subway surfers game will give you unlimited free access to coins and keys which are required to achieve high scores. There are different strategies and method which you can deploy to have your subway surfers hack and unlocked. The good thing is anybody can learn how to hack subway surfers and begin enjoying the benefits that accrue.